Sunday, November 5, 2017

Winners and Finalists Announced in the 27th Annual SLO NightWriters Golden Quill Writing Contest

Congratulations to all entrants in the 27th annual SLO NightWriters Golden Quill Writing Contest! This year welcomed new and established talent locally, and from around the globe. The quality of writing was outstanding, making our esteemed judges’ task very challenging. We are pleased to announce the following top three winners and finalists in all categories.

Please join us for the Awards Ceremony at the SLO NightWriters General Meeting on November 14th beginning at 6:00 p.m. The winning entries will be read aloud by the author and all winners and finalists will be presented with their certificates and prizes. The address and directions to the location are below.

First Place                   Cate Touryan            The Auction   
Second Place              Nancy Bodily             Pain Management
Third Place                 Mary Beth Ellis           … And the Married Girl

First Place                   Hope Padalino           The Liberation of the Family 
Second Place              Rod Pound                 Earning the Urn
Third Place                 Patricia B. Ellson        The Night we Saved the 

First Place                   Laura Apol                  In My Next Life
Second Place              Sharyl Heber              Soldiers for a New 
Third Place                 Linda Neal                  I Don’t Mean to be 


Communication With a Lost Soul
Sue Andrews
Forgiveness = Liberation
Patty Moreno
The Gift 
Anna Allen
Theology of the Artichoke
Christine Venzon
Incident in Managua: A Memoir of Liberation
Adrianne Aron
The Poet President
John W. Polonis
Turtle Liberation
Penelope Anne Cole

The Prayer
Nancy Bodily
Behind the Veil
Shoba Sadler
Eva Garcia-Gonzalez
Finding Joy
Adrienne Riley
Strip and Restore
Margaret Duarte
The Last War
Carlen Vigo
A Last Saturnalia
Kathryn Mitchell Lucchese
The Dog Guy
Scott Matthews

Social Work
Kathryn de Lancelotti
St. Louis, 1950
Jeanie Greensfelder
Suellen Wedmore
Six Suites for Unaccompanied Cello
Laura Apol
Quitting, Quitting, Quitting
Finn Anderson
I Miss You Because You are Not Here (resubmitted)
Diane Swan
At the Edge of the Cliff
Patricia B. Ellson

SLO NightWriters Golden Quill Awards Ceremony November 14th, 6:00 p.m.

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