Congratulations to the Winners of the 2015 Golden Quill Awards!

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2015 Golden Quill Awards!

Please join us in congratulating our amazing writers in this year’s contest and thanks to everybody that entered!

This year’s contest brought unprecedented results.  The number of entries increased by 84% from last year; we reached across the nation with entrants from 25 states, and around the globe with entries from seven different countries!

We added a new category this year, Flash Fiction, which proved to be very popular.  The awards increased to include $1,000 for first place winners in each of the three categories.  The quality of the writing was certainly commensurate with this increase, making this the most competitive contest to date.

We wouldn’t have been able to do it of course without our wonderful judges.  This year’s panel included award winning, best-selling authors, agents, editors, publishers, and teachers.  Our gratitude to:  Randi Barros, Maria Vidale-Eyles, Mary Redmond, Theresa Wilson, Shelly Lowenkopf, Deborah Foss, Dianne Emley, Elizabeth White, Laurie McLean, Sandra Gore Nielsen, Frances Lefkowitz, Marilyn Meredith, Brenda Knight, Roland Finger and Matthew Fleming.  And we were delighted and honored to have international bestselling and award-winning author Anne Perry join the Panel!  Please check out their full profiles on our webpage at

The Golden Quill Awards 2015 – Winning Contestants

Flash Fiction
1st Place          Joeli Yaguda               Sinking In              Paso Robles, CA
2nd Place         Carolyn Harrison        An Intervention      San Miguel, CA
3rd Place          Anne Anderson          Where Sacred 
                                                            Relics Lay             Redwood City, CA

1st Place         Chris Weygandt Alba Ghost Town, Mojave Desert  Paso Robles, CA
2nd Place        Elizabeth Aires           Transformation                      Templeton, CA
3rd Place          Laura Apol                 Second Sight                         Lyons, MI

Short Fiction
1st Place         Joeli Yaguda               Kodachrome                    Paso Robles, CA
2nd Place         Tom Snow                  The Madcap Capers        Arroyo Grande, CA
                                                            of Chef Gourmand
3rd Place          Jan Kemp                  There are no Roses         Ontario, Canada
3rd Place          Teri Tompkins             My Coat                           Claremont, CA

The Golden Quill Awards 2015 – Finalists

Flash Fiction
Elizabeth A. Regan              Dates, Yams & Nietzsche             Morro Bay, CA
Nancy Bodily                        House of my Daughter’s Demon  San Luis Obispo, CA
JoAnne Lucas                      Overkill                                          Clovis, CA
Stephen Sisk-Provencio       Ginny                                             Pismo Beach, CA
Mark Brandi                          If it was the Right Thing to do       Victoria, Australia
Jan Alarcon                           Better Hygiene                              Shandon, CA
Victoria Kazarian                   Cambrian Branch No. 269             San Jose, CA

Judith Overmier                     Kitchen Conflagration                    San Ramon, CA
Bridget Magee                       That Ship has Sailed                     Tucson, AZ
Rhoda Winer                          Rien                                               Boston, MA
Mary Silberstein                     The Birthday                                  Arroyo Grande, CA
Shelley Shepherd                    Cartography                                 Pismo Beach, CA
Carolyn Harrison                    When Love Alteration Finds           San Miguel, CA
Laura Apol                              Scattering Ashes at Land’s End     Lyons, MI

Short Fiction
Steve Canter                           Freefall                                         Pismo Beach, CA
Tom Snow                              The Legend of Molly Maguire        Arroyo Grande, CA
Laurie A. Jacobs                     The Inheritance                             Swampscott, MA
Jane Carey                              The Greeter                                  Paso Robles, CA
Julia Franco                            Living Music                                  Atascadero, CA
Kate Lawlor                            Decay                                             Dublin, Ireland

Thank you all for an amazing contest!

Tia Araminta, Contest Director
The Golden Quill Awards

Short Fiction Winners!

Poetry Winners!

Flash Fiction Winners!

The 2015 Golden Quill Awards – Testimonials

Awesome feedback from contestants and judges alike!  Just a sample:

Thanks again for all the work you did. I love this contest--the fact that it is themed, blind, multiple judges--I think you do everything right!

Hello Tia,
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful it was to be involved with the Golden Quill Awards. At every turn, from the moment you acknowledged receiving my submissions, I felt informed and supported. The ceremony itself was lovely, the statues pretty darned substantial (!), and the cash prize just an incredible added bonus.
It was a great honor and moment in my life, and thank you for arranging it so well.
Again, thanks Tia. Your smile and energy made a great event a brilliant one.
Warm regards,

You did a stellar job!
Thank you for all your work and brilliant organization.
S. L. Gore
One Life is Not Enough

Hi, Tia.
What a wonderful conference! I loved the speakers and enjoyed connecting with writers across many disciplines.  …  Thank you and everyone involved for one of the best writing experiences I have ever had.
All the best,


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