Saturday, August 12, 2017

Spotlight on the Judges - S.L. Gore

Born with wanderlust, forever living in a fantasy world, S. L. Gore escaped the prairies of Kansas to follow the yellow brick road on a twenty-year odyssey that took her to Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.
Starting with a one way ticket to Iceland, she returned with a Viking husband, an art degree and speaking five languages.
A love of travel, classical history, languages, mysticism, food, shopping and adventure led Gore to create the epic time travel romance novels of the Isis Trilogy: The Red Mirror, The Emerald Tablet and The Black Scroll.

Her non-fiction publications include the self-help manual Sex and the Zen of Shopping: How to Live Rich by Shopping Smart and inspirational memoir contributions to three Life Choices anthologies.
Gore is a regular contributor to Life Choices on-line magazine with the cooking and table art column Beauty and the Feast, Dining with Sandra. From time to time, you can find samples and photos of both simple and exotic dishes on her blog Expect a future cookbook of Gore’s own recipes plus those of talented, foodie friends from around the globe.
Gore’s next project is a memoir of her years in North Africa hitchhiking the sands of the Sahara and exploring the back alleys of the souks in the underbelly of Maghreb. Working title: Not In Kansas Anymore. Gore is a frequent guest on talk radio discussing Middle East politics and the impact of Islamic culture on the West.
Joyously married forty-one years, the Nielsens hang out in a quintessential beach bungalow in a coastal California beach town. You can follow her on twitter @GoreNovels or like her Facebook page S. L. Gore. Email her at

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